What are the Differences between QCF, RQF and NVQ

What are the Differences Between QCF, RQF and NVQ?

NVQ, or National Vocational Qualifications, addresses a pivotal part of vocational schooling and preparation in the United Kingdom. These qualifications have intentions to evaluate a singular’s capability and capability in a specific work job or industry sector. Not at all like traditional scholarly qualifications, have NVQs focused on pragmatic abilities and information pertinent to the […]

Why You Need an NVQ in the Construction Industry

Why You Need an NVQ in the Construction Industry

Well, the construction industry is not a place where you can work based on your knowledge about this industry. But it’s a place where you need practical skills more than your theories. Yeah, theories are important, but the skills are much more important here. There is no room for mistakes here. Imagine you are working […]

Difference Between an NVQ and Diploma in Health & Social Care

Difference Between NVQ and Diploma in Health and Social Care

With the health and social care field continuously evolving, providing holistic care to patients is vital. Persons looking to improve their skills often opt for the courses. They can go for the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ). Or they opt for a diploma in the social care sector. Both play a vital role in enhancing one’s […]

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